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Covid-19 Won’t Stop Us!

Hey there you awesome peeps!

We hope you are all safe and following the directions form the powers that be so we can all get back outside and live life RAd!

Well its been a little while since we have posted anything so buckle in, grab a beverage and we will fill you in on some of whats been happening!

So we had a few people take some of our designs and copy them which was flattering / annoying at the same time, and we also were hacked not long after and honestly lost a lot as it was all our money not information. When they hacked our facebook the looked us out of everything so we have been struggling with the good ol powers that be to rectify but still isn’t where we’d like it ( but more on that shortly ). We then had some people asking if we sell so we entertained the idea and said we would look at selling. Many of hours and negotiating and headaches we decided ( well someone made us see the light and error in our ways and also reminded us of our original purpose ) that we wouldn’t sell.

This brings us too now pretty much! Things have changed and so have we really. We realised that we had held ourselves back from doing the other things that we loved and in turn lost our way. Don’t get us wrong riding bikes is and will always be our main drive but the reality is we love doing so much more and seeing where this life adventure can take us. So we are expanding into all the other things we are passionate about and love doing like, camping, cars/4wd, skating and just being outside. So yep your gonna see more different content, different gear and accessories come up for sale more then likely and a whole new chapter of RA to begin. We are going to merge our facebook page to a new one soon so keep an eye out on facebook for the links and updates.

To all our super loyal friends and customers we appreciate the shit out of you and hope you embark on this slightly new journey with us and if not thats cool too we understand!

So onwards and upwards from here and see you awesome rad peeps out there soon hopefully!

Stay safe and stay RAd

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